The Supremes wardrobe on display at V&A

Thursday, 15 May 2008

A display of performance costumes worn by The Supremes, one of the most successful groups of the sixties - is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The display will show the changing image of The Supremes from the early days when they were known as The Primettes to the glamorous Hollywood designs they wore at the height of their fame, and look at their continuing stylistic influence on performers such as Beyoncé.

The display includes dresses worn by Mary Wilson, Diana Ross and Florence Ballard for live performances, television appearances and on album covers. Original television footage, photographs and magazine spreads will examine The Supremes as the stars of Motown Records whose highly visible success story helped change racial perceptions during the time of the American Civil Rights movement.

The exhibition is currently on display and will run until 19 October, 2008