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The Belgian Clothing Association proudly presents a unique project The Belgian fashion scenery screened.

The clothing market in Belgium is changing rapidly.
Regularly, fashion retailers or suppliers are forced to suspend their activities while new shops and suppliers are reviving. Franchising chains are increasing in number, chain stores are expanding.
Existing, well-established brands disappear and lots of new brands are introduced. For a player on the fashion market it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the changes in the addresses and brands.
Therefore, the last few months, the Belgian Clothing Association has been working very hard on a unique database about the Belgian fashion retail.
Not less than 6.700 boutiques have been contacted by phone. In the up-to-date database you will find the following information about each shop: name, address, place of residence, person to contact, phone, fax, VAT-number.
Lots of retailers have collaborated to give more information about the number of stores, size per store, closing day(s), brands, e-mail address and/or website and also the product group they are specialised in.
The boutiques have been sorted by the following product groups:

Men's wear
Men's wear - 1 brand
Men's wear - multi branded
Men's wear - hats
Men's wear -formal suits
Women's wear
Women's wear - 1 brand
Women's wear -multi branded
Women's wear - bridal & cocktail dresses
Women's wear -mourning dresses
Maternity wear
Women's wear - big sizes
Women's wear - hats
Children's wear
Active Sportswear
Fur & leather
Interior (bed- & bath + household linen)
Second hand
Haute couture
Garments ( all not detailed fashion retail shops)

At this time, all this information has also been published in a handy reference book "Belgian Fashion Guide - The fashion signpost 2003".

This reference book offers a survey of :
6700 alphabetical classified boutiques with their address, phone number and closing day(s). Where possible, you will also find the brands they are selling.

The second part offers an overview of these boutiques - classified per city and per product.

The items in this database are checked and adjusted on a daily basis and are available in a made-to-measure excel version.

Are you looking for Belgian boutiques-partners ?

In that case you can obtain an offer free of engagement our ask for more information about terms and conditions at the following addresses :

Belgian Fashion Association
Montoyerstraat 24, 1000 Brussels
Tel : 02/238.10.18 Fax : 02/238.10.10
email :[email protected]