Social Media in fashion

Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Social media is Fashion? But most likely it will be the new way of communication and it will be the new email.

Fashion companies are increasingly using peer-to-peer social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, YouTube and Flickr to spot the latest fashion trends, find out what youngsters want and keep in touch with their potential consumers. The intent of brands to engage in social networking sites is not to force a purchase instead they want to just keep the potential customers aware and include them as a part of all brand activities month to month.

The objective of being available on a social media website is to engage in conversational marketing. "We want social media to be a part of our brand marketing initiatives wherein we can come in direct conversation about what we do and get insight from the fan base at the same time.”

The aim is to catch the target audience during their leisure time and when they are most relaxed. The whole idea of being active on a social networking platform is to provide all relevant information about the brands and to incorporate the suggestions of customers/fans. We have successfully added/extended product lines after gauging customer’s response for our accessories.
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