MFW: Top 5 Fashion Week-trends 2014-2015

Tuesday, 25 February 2014
It is during the semi-annual fashion weeks held in New York, London, Milan and Paris that the upcoming fashion trends are determined. Now the question is, what will consumers be putting on their wish lists for the fall to come? FashionUnited lists the 5 biggest fashion trends to emerge during Milan Fashion Week.

#1 Animal Print Sweaters Foxes, swans and squirrels. This season, Milan designers took their inspiration from the animal kingdom in a veiled attempt to kicked-start the latest sweater trend. Last year saw Kenzo create a rage with his tiger sweater and Balenciaga galaxy theme sweaters where also high in demand. Dolce & Gabbana showed fairy-tale theme prints with swans, Stella Jean thinks that the chicken will become the new tiger and Antonio Marras is betting on the wolf trend to catch on.

#2 Pointed-Toe shoe The flat shoe trend first appeared in January, when Karl Lagerfeld decided to have all 64 models in his haute-couture show for Chanel walk in sneakers. The trend followed on in Milan, where models kept both feet firmly on the ground and designers opted to show with flat shoes with a pointed-toe. Marni created clownish inspired loafers that featured triangular silver and golden noses, No.21 showed low-cut glittery pointed shoes inspired by the sixties and Bottega Veneta showcased classic men's shoe, with a pointed-toe. The sole exception of the trend seemed to be Prada. Head designer Miuccia Prada not only went against the trend by showing wedges, but also tried to bring the squared-toe back into the picture.

# 3 Color Patches Color Patches are the new way to color block. In New York, London and now Milan, strikingly geometric color patches and forms were seen. For his second collection for Angona, Stefano Pilati created color patches in the shape of waves. Bottega Veneta showed jagged patches in beige, yellow and red, while Marni mixed flowing pastels with vivid color patches of neon pink, cobalt blue and black. Noticeably was the overall use of sixties and seventies color tones, usually seen at Missoni. The fashion house showed dresses and skirts that features Piet-Mondriaan patches, but then colored with warm autumn browns, oranges and grays.

MFW: Top 5 Fashion Week-trends 2014-2015

Dolce & Gabbana - Marni - Marni

#4 Cape Oversized jackets as seen in New York were also seen during Milan Fashion Week, but there was another outerwear garment that stole the show: the cape. Lavishly decorated with elaborate embroidery and precious stones in the form of branches, birds and foxes from Dolce & Gabbana, presented in sober gray by Giorgio Armani and featured in checkered plaid from Salvatore Ferragamo, the cape was spotted all over the place.

#5 Sleeveless A cool winter trend: long vests, trench coats and jackets without sleeves. Iceberg showed it, as did MaxMara and MSMG. The sleeveless option was mainly used to show what the model was wearing underneath her voluminous jacket. Layers will be the magic word to keep warm this winter season and still look stylish. In many cases, designers showed sleeveless jackets which could be worn as a dress.

MFW: Top 5 Fashion Week-trends 2014-2015

Salvatore Ferragamo - Iceberg


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