Handmade in the UK is the new black

Friday, 20 August 2010
Handmade in the UK is the new blackLast season green was the new black. This season handmade fashion and accessories are the next big thing, according to UK Handmade. The designers behind UK Handmade have invited Mary Portas to help in its quest bring handmade fashion and accessories to the high street. Susan Morrow of the Handmade blog says, “The handmade fashion industry can give UK fashion buyers real choice and quality, we just need a way to be more visible on the high street.”

Handmade in the UK is the new blackAnna Stassen, Editor of UK Handmade Magazine says, “Handmade has experienced a huge resurgence over the past few years with small handmade businesses springing up throughout the UK, creating a hidden handmade economy. Unfortunately, it’s still the case that only “those in the know” are really aware of its existence with much of the mainstream public still unaware that there are abundant opportunities to acquire bespoke, unique, quality handcrafted goods for high street competitive prices. It’s high time we let the cat out of the bag so that handmade is no longer a well-kept secret!”

The team from UK Handmade will be asking their membership and followers to join them in calling for Mary’s help. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be used to generate support for the campaign, to get handmade fashion and accessories on our high streets.

UK Handmade was founded by a small group of designers in 2008, directed by Karen Jinks, Illustrator and Designer. UK Handmade produces an online magazine offering the latest news and events in the industry, as well as lifestyle articles and features on UK based artists, designers and makers. As well as being a key resource for small handmade businesses, UK Handmade also offers community support via the UK Handmade Forum and many of the articles featured in the magazine and on the blog are contributed by the members themselves.

Image: Shop handmade

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