Scandinavian talent under the microscope

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Scandinavian design has passed the status of
a temporary trend and has proven itself to be a steady, international factor in the fashion world. Stine Laderfoged, Yasamin Zafar and Tabernacle Twins are probably the most widely discussed designers of the moment and all three will be showing their collections on the Gallery catwalk. More than ample reasons to take a closer look at these talents.

Scandinavian talent under the microscopeStine Laderfoged
Stine Laderfoged founded her brand of the same name in 2009 straight after graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. The label caused a sensation with knitted and jersey clothing made with Scandinavian simplicity yet with innovative and complex details that are expressed in the various, knitting techniques. In this way, Stine has created variety in the volume and structure of her knit wear which she combines with meters of fabric. She always uses the highest quality yarns and fabrics and her most important and most widely used material is and remains wool.

Stine Laderfoged presented her first collection during the Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2010. Since this impressive launch the brand has taken off, both in Denmark and internationally. Offering great promise for the future!

Yasamin Zafar
The even younger Danish design label that is Yasamin Zafar didn’t officially see the light of day until 2011. Founder and designer, Yasamin Zafar also studied Textile Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. The label is – already – well-known for its simple silhouettes combined with prints, textures and complex details. The designs emerge from Yasamin’s curiosity and passion for discovering different cultures and mentalities. The brand was only officially founded after she presented her first collection “Rites of Passage" during the Copenhagen Fashion Week in Augustus 2010. This is also a name to remember!

Tabernacle Twins
Tabernacle Twins is based on fictive twins called The Tabernacle Twins. The label follows the twins through their adventurous, fantasy world full of fictive characters, quirky landscapes and fantastic creatures. An imaginary, panoramic setting forms the inspiration for Vibe Lundemark, the label’s founder and designer, who each season searches for the perfect balance between fashion, textile and illustration. The label distinguishes itself with its strong colours and digital prints and is known for the quality, high-value fabrics and carefully chosen details. Designer Vibe Lundemark studied for a MA Degree in women’s fashion at the Royal College of Art in London in 2009. The first collection “So it Begins” (SS10) was presented during the Copenhagen Fashion Week in Augustus 2010, after which the label was endowed with a subsidy from the Danish Art Foundation. We will certainly be hearing more from this label!

Scandinavian talent under the microscope

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