Research shows Words crucial to business

Thursday, 13 December 2012

At a time when the internet has enabled constant communication, language consultancy, The Writer, in a new study, has found the overwhelmingly positive impact words can have on businesses.

The results showed that even great brands can lose customers through poor writing and honest writing is more persuasive than writing that’s merely clear. Whilst good use of language can make customers warm to brands more.

The Writer surveyed 2,000 people to test their reaction to a series of customer scenarios, based purely on the writing they would encounter. Retailers taking part included Tesco and House of Fraser.

Neil Taylor, The Writer’s creative director, said: "We hear it all the time when we’re training people. Almost everyone prefers natural writing that has more personality, but they have doubts about how customers will react. So we wanted to measure what happens to the customer experience when you strip away everything but the words."

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