Once again, a wide array of creative talent at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Friday, 30 November 2012
FashionUnited invites 50 buyers! Over the years, Copenhagen has grown into one of the largest fashion cities in the world. During the Copenhagen Fashion Week (2 to 4 February) you will find the latest collections from more than 2400 brands, distributed over 5 fairs spread over the Danish capital. There is nowhere else in Northern Europe where you can admire so many reputable brands within 3 days. FashionUnited offers 50 buyers the chance to attend, including free flights and 2 nights in a 4* hotel. Read further about how to qualify and the talent that awaits you!

Many people are unaware that, after Paris, the CFW has the broadest supply of brands in the world for your viewing pleasure and surpasses such fashion cities as London, New York and Berlin. By uniting the four competing fairs and providing a free shuttle, making them easily accessible, the Danish capital is setting yet another new trend. As well as the high-quality brands on offer, there will be 47 (!) catwalk shows staged during the CFW from leading designers from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England and France. No less than 14 of the shows will be held at the Gallery International Fashion Fair, in the most famous concert hall in Scandinavia in the adjacent Danish Music Academy.

Scandinavian talent
We have already told you about the remarkable creative talent that can be seen every year during the CFW. Take Stine Riis for example, a very promising Danish designer and winner of the H&M Design Award 2012 known for her modern designs. Or the talents of Yasamin Zafar, born in Iran and raised in Denmark, celebrated for her distinctive yet amazingly comfortable designs. What about Stine Ladefoged, favourite with the Danish consumers as well as the press, in particular international Vogue. Trine Wackerhaus from the Danish brand Wackerhaus receives nothing but rave reviews from the contemporary scene (on the market since 2008 and winner of the Max Factor Design Award in 2010) and also Michala Wiesneck (former creative director of the Danish label DAY) who has seen major success with her own recently launched label. We have also mentioned Vibe Lundemark before, Tabernacle Twins designer and a big name in the Scandinavian fashion world.

Foreign Affair
Another talent that we can’t deny you is Marie Meilgaard, former designer at Bruun’s Bazaar; for whom she conceived and developed the enormously popular sub-line BZR. Today Maria is the brains behind Foreign Affair. The winning formula of this hyped brand is found in its wonderful simplicity and the clothing’s durability; developed for the modern woman always on the road. A genuine talent that you must visit during the Gallery International Fashion Fair, you will find a taster on www.fashionaffair.ca.

Go to the Copenhagen Fashion Week with Fashion United
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Once again, a wide array of creative talent at Copenhagen Fashion Week