Michala Wiesneck launches her own label during Gallery

Monday, 21 May 2012

Michala Wiesneck is no stranger to the World of Fashion, that’s something we can clearly state! The designer has more than 40 collections to her name and has designed for the likes of Christian Dior, Christian LaCroix, Cacharel and Day Birger & Mikkelsen. No small fish! With her wealth of experience, the time has finally come for Wiesneck to move forward under her own name. That time will be upon us this coming winter when she launches her first ‘own’ collection. Our heart pounds in expectation…..

Michala Wiesneck launches her own label during GalleryThe launch of M.Wiesneck will take place on the exclusive, Gallery International Fashion Fair floor during the Copenhagen Fashion Week starting Thursday 2nd of February. There are high expectations in the fashion world, but we can divulge some details already. The compact collection consists of 50 unique styles and shawls. The Danish designer describes her line as ‘future classics with a poetic twist’. These are styles that she has designed for her own wardrobe, based on 20 years of experience in the large fashion houses in Paris, London and Copenhagen.

Michala Wiesneck
For those unfamiliar with this well-weathered designer, it all started at the celebrated Ecoles de la Chambre Syndical, where Wiesneck graduated in 1990. After that the pace quickened. Wiesneck designed collections for Christian Dior, Christian LaCroix, and Marks & Spencer and in her own country was head designer for InWear and Day Birger & Mikkelsen. An impressive CV, so it was really just a question of time before the designer would come with her own label. Where better to launch it than in her home country during the much-discussed, Copenhagen Fashion Week on the exclusive floor of the Gallery International Fashion Fair? Once again a reason to travel to the Danish capital, because Wiesneck is, without a doubt a name that you will be hearing a lot of! Michala Wiesneck launches her own label during Gallery

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