Kipling launching loyalty scheme

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Accessories brand Kipling is launching a loyalty scheme that will turn customers’ social media interactions into rewards on October 1.

The ‘Kipling Friends’ scheme will be easy for customers to join, they will just need to register online or in a Kipling store and they will be rewarded with a 10 percent joining discount voucher. Then for every 1 pound/1 euro spend they will receive 10 smile points, and for every 1,000 smile points the member will receive a 10 pound/10 euro discount.

Members will also be given additional smile points if they ‘like’, share or comment on a product via Kipling’s social media channels. Kipling will also use the scheme to surprise its ‘ambassadors’ with free collector items and other “happy” presents, as it looks to create engaging and a regular conversation with their customers.

Jürgen Derycke, Kipling’s digital manager, said: “As part of the new Kipling Friends loyalty programme, a complete contact strategy was worked out, with the profile and behaviour of the customer taken as its starting point: fewer aggressive discounts, more genuine loyalty and conversation campaigns. We achieve this both online and offline – in the store, in the web shop and via social media.”

Kipling’s loyalty programme will launch on October 1 with the introduction of a Facebook application, designed to create Kipling Friends for life being launch in early 2015.